eCommerce Readiness Assessment Guide

To be able to open an eCommerce store and start selling your products or services online require some research to be able to know if you will be successful on the internet.

Information on niche markets is available on the Internet by doing keyword research, search engines keep track of different keyword combinations and how many times they have been searched.
We help you to start a eCommerce business by first supplying an online readiness assessment to measure your potential market and how you should structure your website.

The following questions will give an indication of the current potential market in your economy.

What geographical area’s will you target?
Make a list of keywords that describe your products or service?
Shipping costs influences your market, make a study of the delivery cost in your geographical area that you would like to target.
Your terms and conditions – do you offer an return and guarantee?
Who is your competition and are they on-line i.e selling off the Internet?

This will give you a basic idea what information we require from you and we in turn do a detailed keyword analysis to show you your current potential market.

Please complete the online eCommerce Readiness Assessment Form

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