Alternative Payment Gateways

Best PayPal Alternative Payment Gateways:

Whether you are sending or receiving money from your friends and family or paying for online transactions PayPal always comes at the top of the list of online processors. But it is not the only option for online transactional dealings. Since March 25 PayPal has entered the South African market and closed a partnership with FNB bank this is good news for South Africans wanting to do international online e-commerce however there is a few disadvantages you need to open a FNB account and that will cost you about R75.00 per month and you cannot charge in Rands only in US Dollars.

This is a real disadvantage if your target market is South Africans because they don’t all have PayPal accounts and it will seem strange if your domain charge in USD Dollars but if you trade international then it will not be an disadvantage.

2Checkout is an excellent alternative 2CO is another intelligent choice if you want to get rid of PayPal complications. It involves no credit card processing, no statement fee, no third party charges, no monthly fee, (unlike like PayPal account you need to pay FNB R75.00 per month) no additional card company etc.It takes few minutes to complete the account setup process as no credit check is involved in it. It charges a $49 USD setup fee only once off. Moreover you have to pay 5.5% commission plus $0.45 per transaction.You will also receive a Master Debit card for free and be able to draw your money at a local ATM in South Africa.

Visit 2CO here

New Payment Gateway for South Africans is the choice for small businesses, it does not require a merchant account, they don’t charge merchants a setup or monthly subscription cost, their transaction fees are slightly higher.

Monster’Pay does not charge its clients any fees to open an account, to purchase is easy via the web or mobile or send money to more than 210 countries. The Payment Gateway service accept Rand and US Dollar credit cards.Instant EFT via SID and direct deposits are also provided for Rand. This Payment Gateway is unique no other payment gateway can provide Instant EFT facilities.

Sending payments and adding funds are both free, to receive payments funded by Credit Card or Debit Card costs 4.9% of the transaction, plus $0.35USD for US Dollars, and 4.9% of the transaction, plus R2,50 for South African Rands. Receiving payments funded by POLI or Instant Bank Transfer costs 2.9% of the transaction, plus R2,50 for South African Rands. It costs 2.9% of the transaction to receive payments funded by MonsterPay Balance, eCheque or eDeposit. To withdraw funds, it’ll cost $2,50USD for US Dollars; E2.00 for Euros; £1,50 for Pound Sterling and R8,00 for South African Rands.

This Payment Gateway provides a variety of payment gateway tools and integration tools for clients’ websites. Integration tools offered include: Auto-Redirect; Auto-Post and Synchronization facilities. A full implementation and integration guide is available for download here